Our team is active in this industry for over 30 years. We work with the latest FEA and 3D printing tools to speed up product development to the highest standards. Every spring product passed our thoughts over the years. We are looking forward to share our experience with you.

Inno Dock Support has considerable knowledge to make cross references of NSN-numbers to the specific systems and components. Moreover, INNO DOCK GROUP is able to make the “cross reference” between the NSN number of the relevant systems and components.

Our product range includes, for example, the following components:

• Cable springs
• Stainless steel Expansion joints (stainless steel bellows)
• Vibration dampers in general (for example rubber vibration dampers, etc.)
• Cabin elements
• Leaf Spring Mounts (LSM / X mounts)
• Rubber compensators
• CPM (The Constant Positioning Mount)
• electrical cabinets
• communication equipment
• anti-magnetic constructions
• propulsion systems
• waste water systems
• hvac installations
• diesel electric systems
• antenna systems
• hydraulic systems
• guiding systems
• appendages hydraulic, steam, exhaust, fuels etc.

Hut elements provide the best noise and shock isolation

The excellent isolation properties of the hut elements are inherent to the use of the rubber material in this series of mounts. If acoustic properties are of high importance the series of Hut elements should always be considered since the correct selected mounts will provide the best noise isolation.

Also from a shock isolation perspective the mounts show a very high performance since dynamic travel of up to 60 mm is possible. The hut elements are described in the German DIN 95365 norm and consist of a series of 6 different basic shapes and also several hardness options to choose from to get the best results. As the basic elements have mild steel and Natural rubber as a default choice, optional the metal can be stainless steel and several alternative elastomer types are available on request.

All-metal Cable Mounts: The most rugged solution for demanding conditions

The all-metal cable mounts are the most rugged solution for demanding environmental conditions, high shock loads and possible ultimate low residual shocklevels.

High damping and high deflection capabilities are the most favorable ingredients for our engineers to design the most optimum shock isolation systems. The all metal construction is capable of handling a wide temperature range and is highly resistant to chemical and salt water environment. Besides a large spectrum of available sizes and specifications also custom made solutions are a realistic option even for smaller production series. Our wide range of projects where cable mounts have
proved to be the best solution covers a wide range of applications from rough militairy handling to the most delicate opto electrical equipment.

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