Specialists in shock and vibration protection

The INNO PACKAGING SUPPORT company is dedicated to bring the highest standard in shock and vibration control as it often used for defense application now available to solve the specific challenges of the nowadays high end packing industry. Transport of the most sensible and costly equipment all over the world is a delicate and very demanding task.

Machines or “packages” in general are exposed to various external influences like temperature, humidity, vibration and even to shockloads. Depending on your specific requirements we can offer you a range of solutions varying from products we see as our basic off the shelf solutions up to specially for that one specific costumer designed super mount that makes the almost impossible specs come to a solution.

Our team is active in this industry for over 30 years and we work with the latest FEA and 3D printing tools to speed up product development to the highest standards. Any spring product passed our thoughts over the years, we are looking forward to share our experience with you.

Download pdf: leaflet-A4-packaging-DEF.pdf

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