Our latest innovation: The Inno Sway Flipper ®

The new Inno Sway Flipper ®

The Inno Sway Flipper

The Inno Sway Flipper ® is a revolutionary development! It places the replacement problem of the flippers in a completely different light. Movable flippers, as applied to all common spreaders, are often the weakest link in the pick and place process of container handling. In case of unforeseen “mispicks” or unintentional rough use, both the flipper and the actuator can be damaged. Resulting in the stopping of the entire container handling process and a lot of repair work. INNO DOCK SUPPORT has developed the Inno Sway Flipper ® especially for this problem.

The Flipper consist of 3 parts with the middle part – the so-called crushbox – designed to have a degree of flexibility. This flexibility ensures that in situations of mispick and overload the flipper deforms in a controlled manner, and springs back again. Damage to both the flipper and the actuator is prevented. The result of this new technique is less shock load on the actuator and flipper, less downtime, more efficiency thus more cost-effective. Due to its low weight, the crushbox can easily and quickly be replaced if necessary. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us:

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Disclaimer: The flipper is currently still in the test phase. For more information and footage, please visit our LinkedIn page.

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